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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


Fine-tuning the brain, speech and behaviour.





NLP is a process which examines the way we communicate and how the brain (neuro), the language we use (linguistics), and our behaviour patterns (programming) all interact.




NLP can be used for a lot of the same ailments that Hypnotherapy can treat (in fact, NLP is also used during Hypnotherapy). However, if you don't feel comfortable being hypnotised and/or would like to remain conscious, NLP may be for you.


Want help focusing on a goal? NLP is also great for goal-setting, achieving career targets and clarifying your aims.




A session consists of examining your motivations, priorities and current behaviours. I will help you develop your personal development plan to enable you to reach your desired destination in life.


Contact me now to find out if NLP will work for you.

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