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About Me


Who is Cheryl Muriel and why should I trust her to hypnotise me / provide fashion advice?



Okay, so you shouldn't trust me for fashion advice. I'm not qualified for that. But I AM qualified to hypnotise you if you want to release yourself from phobias, bad habits, painful memories etc (See my Hypnotherapy page for more information). You'll find my list of qualifications further down the page, if that sort of thing is important to you.


I am a spiritual person and was taught to follow my intuition from a young age. Both my parents encouraged me to believe that there was more to life than what we see. I was brought up in one religion but am open to all thoughts, ideas and philosophies. In fact, I love learning about other cultures, religions and rituals so I travel as much as I can and read about history, archaeology and anthropology whenever I can.


For many years I worked in the corporate world, for both small and multi-national financial firms. I met many great people along the way and learnt a lot of valuable business advice. However, my heart and soul was never 100% committed to that world and I never felt like I truly belonged. In 2015, I finally decided to give up the 'day job' and set up my own business, doing something that I really enjoy - helping others.


My main areas of interest are mental health and autism. I find people fascinating so enjoy discovering the different facets of our personalities. I strive to be open-minded and view everyone with unconditional positive regard. My sessions are always a safe, confidential and sacred space for my clients.


What do my clients say about me?


Compliments are nice. However, I do not solicit testimonials from my clients due to the personal and confidential nature of my work. The following comments have been taken from a third-party website.


"Thanks Cheryl. Your work with me has been very helpful."

Malcolm R.


"Enjoyed the experience very much."

Eric L.


"My husband was her client, she had a very nice persona about her. As yet, we do not know weather(sic) the treatment has helped as not been in any situations that led him to see her. But as soon as we notice a difference, we will be in touch."

Wendy C.


Cheryl xxx




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Cheryl Muriel, BA(Hons), CPNLP, AdvDipH, ADPR


2016 Diploma as an Age Regression Specialist


Diploma in Advanced Weight Control &

Hypnotic Stomach Banding Therapist


Diploma in Parts Therapy


Diploma in EMDR with Hypnosis


2015 Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy


2013 Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master Hypnotist & Certified Practitioner

of NLP


2012 Certificate in Counselling Skills - Level 2

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